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What We Do

Spirit-led Consulting

Through our advisory network of Holy Spirit-led, former C-suite level executives, Dynatos Global brings marketplace shrewd experts operating with Kingdom anointing into every consulting assignment.

Strategic Intercession

Dynatos Global aligns with trained and anointed prophetic intercessors who invest focused time to seek heaven's revelations, interpretations and activation plans for your unique challenges. 

Leadership Equipping

Before any business or marketplace transformation, leaders in that organization must be equipped and mentored in how to properly receive and execute God's revelations and instructions.  

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Overview of Dynatos Global

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Our client testimonials

Fortune 500 Manufacturer

"You were the perfect catalyst for a week of creative problem solving."

Inc. 500 Fast Growth Firm

"We desperately needed a plan to carry us into the future. Now we have a vision, mission statement, values statement, strategic objectives and two-year goals."

Fortune 500 Retailer

"You challenged us to think the unthinkable."

Media Giant

"We continue to discuss the excitement generated during our retreat from your creative and energetic leadership.

Prestigious Healthcare Provider

"The results have been amazing - inspiring and imitating a wave of new efforts."

Fortune 500 firm

We laughed. We learned. We looked inside. And we became more of a team as a result."

Software Developer

"We came away with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for inspiring excellence in our team."

Regional Services Company

"You helped to lift the entire load of my shoulders. Finally, we have a realist action plan for ongoing success."

Large Construction Supplier

"It sometimes requires an external resource to help make major breakthroughs. We could not have done it without you."

Regional Homebuilder

"We are just two months into a one-year agreement and I can already attest that you have more than earned your fee. You have so exceeded my expectations I am ready to discuss how to extend your relationship another year." 

National Insurance Company

"Since your work, the new business underwriting team has experienced significant growth and record production levels."

Top 10 labor Union

"You challenged our thinking and gave us a fresh perspective and what our organization can become." 

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